Curricula Part 2

The common theme as to how curriculum is implemented revolves around politics and government. One concept that I found interesting was how voters interest drives everything. A lot of the time I feel people believe that they do not have a say in what is happening within the government, but when one votes to put a particular party in power they really are believing in what that political party wants to change or not change. When I look back at my answer before I do see some similarities in how the curriculum is implemented, but there is a lot more researching and steps that goes into it that I did not initially know. Although curriculums are often created with various professionals from not only the government but people in that in subject it is always the government who has the final say. Many people argue over what should actually be taught within the curriculum, but it always goes back to the government having the final say. An example of this is with the new social studies curriculum be written. Elders are in these meetings to provide input on indigenous knowledge, but not all people agree with how mandatory learning about these things should be. While everyone acknowledges that indigenous education is important, to what extent it should be in curriculum varies on individuals’ opinions.

            After doing this reading I believe that students, parents, and teachers need more of a say in the curriculum as they are the ones who are experiencing it first hand. Students are the ones who are taking this knowledge with them into the outside world and they deserve even a little bit of a say when it comes to what they are learning.


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  1. Sarah, this was an awesome blog! I liked your point about Indigenous knowledge and how that inclusivity is key to a more well-rounded education. I do have a question for you; what do you think teachers and students should have more control over within the curriculum building process? Let me know! Thanks for the reading!



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