What is a Good Student?

In the reading Kumashiro defines common sense as something that “everyone should know” in relation to cultural and location practices. A good student is someone who sits and listens to what the teacher has to say. They show up for school on time everyday and they actively participate. They also do their homework to the best of their ability and will help others who are struggling. Since common sense varies in different places so will what it means to be considered a good student. For example, in some places a good student is someone who is engaged in their academics but is also someone who excels at sports. While other places may just look at academic performance to define what a good student looks like. Kumashiro also discusses how the grade at the end determines a child success. So, if someone is a good student then their grade should reflect as such.

            The definition of a good student solely benefits those that are good at school. It is often does not consider outside factors of someone’s school success. For example, a student may have to miss school because they need to watch their siblings. This does not fit into what a good student according to common sense looks like because they are not always attending school and may fall behind in assignments. This student may still succeed in school but it will be a lot harder than the so called “good student”. These ideas of common have oppression aspects to them. The good student will succeed because they have the resources put in place for them to succeed, while the “not” good student may not succeed because they must work so much harder. Students are becoming more diverse and school are becoming more inclusive, so it is important that schools get away from the “good student” model and try to help all students succeed, regardless of their circumstance.


2 thoughts on “What is a Good Student?

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  1. Hi Sarah

    We often forget that students have full, and often complicated, lives outside of the classroom that will influence their day to day performance. A lot of people that move on to becoming teachers were “good students” with the typical good student background and home life so this is something we will have to pay close attention to when we develop our own definitions of good students.


  2. I Agree that good students are usually the engaged, good grades, and enthusiastic students that have already been succeeding continue to succeed. We must pay attention to all students tho in order for them to have a chance at succeeding as well, like you stated in your post. Great reflection!


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