“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”

I found this quote really interesting because it made me think about how education is always changing, and how teaching styles are also always changing. In past years teaching revolved around the teacher lecturing and the students listening to what the teacher had to say. However, students are changing and so are their needs so lecturing is a teaching style that does not always work. Teaching is now more geared towards the student and what the students need. Teaching is now also more interactive and involved. Strategies such as group work, class discussion, and questioning are more used because it helps to keep students engaged.
In relation to this quote teaching with a more involved style is very difficult because resources are very limited. Often classrooms have 20-30 students with one teacher. It is often difficult to facilitate group work because there is so many people that it is hard to get around to every group. Students also have very different needs and without extra support in the classroom it can be difficult to get everyone involved in a class discussion. However, teaching in a more involved classroom also allows for students to individualize their learning, and express their own opinions. By lecturing to a student, they are often told that there is one right answer and one wrong answer, and that is usually not the case. In today’s world student are often encouraged to express their opinions and share what they believe and I believe that it makes for a more engaging classroom.
In relation to curriculum this quote also shows that it is always changing. Curriculum is constantly being rewritten and if one looks at todays curriculum the wording is much more interactive and seeks for students to be involved in their own learning. Curriculum in the past based around the teachers having all of the knowledge and sharing it with their students, while today curriculum often asks students to draw on their own experiences.


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