The Importance of Commonsense

In the reading Kumashiro defines common-sense as the cultural approach to common knowledge. This means that different cultures around the world all of different ideals as to what common-sense is. Kumashiro mentions in the reading about his teaching in Nepal and how what and how they learn there is very different than what and how they learn in the United States. For example: in Nepal students were so focused on memorizing the textbook and completing standardized tests that they quickly criticized Kumashiro’s approach to use different styles of learning. When trying to use group work or discussion techniques in the classroom the students did not like the change of learning. This is because in Nepal their common-sense of how they learn is different from the United States. While the United States focus more on learning from all different subject areas and try to use more than just standardized testing. While in Nepal their main focus is to memorize the textbook and their only ideal of learning is using standardized tests.

It is important to pay attention to common-sense because two people who live in the exact same city could have very different views of common-sense. This could happen based on age, race, gender, or religious affiliation. Everyone has their own ideals of common-sense however, theses ideals are often shaped by what society tells us.


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