My educational philosophy/ I believe:

My Educational Philosophy:

For me my educational philosophy was determined by previous teachers I had, and my own personal beliefs. I strongly believe that education and teaching should be about teaching the student, and not just the subject. This kind of philosophy is called progressivism, and it mainly involves teaching the child, not just the subject. I believe that this is extremely important because teachers should teach to the student’s interests as this is critical in keeping them engaged in the topic. Progressivism also means that the learning is active, and not passive. This is so important because all students learn differently and as a teacher it is important to realize that the students we are teaching will all learn differently and at different rates. I strongly believe that it is important to begin teaching where students are at, not where the curriculum tells the teacher to start. By only teaching subjects the teacher may not notice that students need to review and by not teaching where the students are at the students may begin to fall behind. I believe that a good teacher is caring and respectful, and in order for a teacher to be both of those things they must remember that they teacher students, not just subjects.

I Believe:

I believe that teachers should be knowledgeable in their teaching area.

I believe that teachers should be caring towards their students.

I believe that every student should have a safe learning environment.

I believe that we teach students and not just subjects.   


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